All ele­ment images used with kind per­mis­sion of Theodore Gray from peri​od​ict​able​.com. Theodore also pro­duces a range of won­der­ful chem­istry learn­ing aids includ­ing flash­cards, posters and mugs. Please take a moment to look at his web­site and pur­chase some­thing. http://​www​.peri​od​ict​able​.com

Orders can be placed here: http://​peri​od​ict​able​.com/​P​o​s​t​e​r​s​/​U​K​.html

The Elements Card Deck

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Peri­odic Table First 10

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OUAl­chemy Membership

Mem­ber­ship to OUAl­chemy is free for the first 6 months while we launch. We sin­cerely hope you decide to join us and maybe even choose to con­trib­ute to our suc­cess. For more inform­a­tion, please visit the mem­ber­ship page.


We are OUAlchemy

Who is OU Alchemy for?

Our soci­ety is for any­one who has an interest in chem­istry, is study­ing chem­istry, is con­sid­er­ing study­ing it, has ever stud­ied it or who teaches it. Yes, it’s also for those people who’re obliged to study it but aren’t too fond of it – we’re here to help (and we hope we might con­vert you!)

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Alchemy AGM


Alchemy will be hav­ing the face-​to-​face com­pon­ent of its AGM on 9th August in Bur­ton on Trent.

Obvi­ously we appre­ci­ate that there may be people inter­ested who can’t make it on the day. So dur­ing the week before, we’ll be hav­ing a vir­tual com­pon­ent to the AGM in our OUSA forum here:


The agenda and any other rel­ev­ant doc­u­ments will be here on the web­site and pos­ted in the forum at the begin­ning of the week.

If you are inter­ested in stand­ing for any com­mit­tee roles but can’t make it on the day, can you either post in the forum or email gen­eral Alchemy email ( This e-​mail address is being pro­tec­ted from spam­bots. You need JavaS­cript enabled to view it. ) to let us know, so your name can be put forward.

If any­one would like to come to the face to face meet­ing who’s not going to be at the Brew­ery Tour that after­noon, you are, of course, wel­come, but please can you let us know as soon as pos­sible so we can check the room’s big enough for us!

Alchemy at the OUSA Conference

Sev­eral Alchemy mem­bers had fun run­ning a stand for the soci­ety at the OUSA Con­fer­ence at the OU’s cam­pus at Milton Keynes this weekend.

Stu­dents came along to make sher­bet, sug­gest names for the Alchemy bear and attempt to identify our knit­ted molecule, as well as glan­cing through the news­let­ters and tak­ing advant­age of the RSC free­bies on offer.

Chem­istry job

Any gradu­ates look­ing for a fixed-​term chem­istry job? Have a look at this advert for a job with Ambridge Ther­mo­plastics Ltd and the Open Uni­ver­sity.

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